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AOR TV channel frequency control

... for the excellent radio receiver (scanner).

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When it starts, USB mode is set. This works best with 3k filters (if you don't have a 500Hz filter). This is why a finetune RIT is set to -800Hz. I also included an AutoRIT function because the frequencies on my AOR AR5000 are not exact. AutoRIT adjusts them (specifically for my receiver). If you want to adjust AutoRIT for your receiver look out for the Pascal Source Code AOR.PAS.

Initialise by setting the baud rate on your AR5000 to 19200.

Important: set the processor rate with 't'. Otherwise the commands would reach the receiver too fast or too slow. Try higher rates if it doens't work. If the commands don't reach the receiver you need to make the software know what the procesoor rate is. You can change it with 'p'. This is necessary because delays have different effects depending on the computer speed. These delays are essential when sending commands via the com-port. If it still doesn't work try to send some characters with a terminal programme first. Settings must be: 19200 Bps, No Parity, 8 Bit, 2 Stop Bits, COM1. After that it usually works.

(c) by Peer-Axel Kroeske. Freeware and ready to run at any PC with DOS support.

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