Sailor SA-260 review

is an extension for DAB and DAB+ reception in your car. The package contains the device and an antenna with a magnetic foot which you can place on your roof.


is easy. Be aware that the antenna cable needs to go inside somewhere. The connection to your FM radio is wireless. The Sailor SA260 brings its own low power transmitter. The suction foot for the arm intended for holding the device only works on plain metal, not on rippled plastic that you have in most car interiors but that is only a minor problem.


is excellent. In my place only weak DAB signals are available. The 10 KW DAB+ transmitter is 70 km away from here. This is about the limit for stable reception but with a little luck (or stationary) 100 km are possible in many cases.


Using it with the transmitter led to some fuzz. I prefer the aux output. Still there is some background noise, now only appearing in very quiet moments. But overall the sound is superb, depending on the bitrate and codec used by the received station of course.


Very good. The menu offers to skip through signal strength, channel info, codec information, radiotext and much more. Once you've understood the memory concept it's nice to use it.


If stability was a little more reliant, the SA-260 would succeed with 10 out of 10 points. My device only gets 12V when the car is running. Usually this shouldn't be a problem. But in 1 out of 10 cases, it restarts from zero, with all memories lost, with a complete new scan. The scan only takes a few seconds. But weak stations are not always being found. And during the scan the SA-260 regularly freezes. The sophisticated memory concept is obsolete when memories are regularly lost. When driving this it can be really annoying and even dangerous.

Update 2016: the device is dead

After about 3 years of only occasional usage: no reaction anymore. And zero points for service: no reaction also from the contact mail address of Sailor.

Peer-Axel Kroeske -> test reports