Minidisc- good but not always reliant

One word about minidiscs. I used the Sony-minidisc walkman professionally for interviews, and usuually it works pretty fine. Sound quality is excellent, and the automatic recording level works well with a dynamic microfone. But there are two problems: first is temperature: when it is colder than 5 deg.C, the battery power falls down - as soon as you return into a warm house the same batteries work fine again.
The second bug: sometimes a whole recorded disc is lost from one moment to the other. I experienced that now while it was around 30 C warm and the battery was weak. Usually the recording stops before it is too late. But this time the whole TOC seemed corrupt. None of the 15 tracks was available anymore, all work lost. So better change batteries sooner, perhaps it helps.
It's also risky to pause the MD recording for too long with weak batteries. The data won't be saved till you stop the recording. Then, suddenly, much more of power is needed to transfer the data from the buffer to the magnetic MD. If the battery crashes in this moment, the recording could be lost, too. -> experience