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a few notes that might help you if you consider buying any of these products.

Sailor SA-260 DAB+ receiver
TBS 5925 USB satellite tuner (2014) for DX with advanced abilities
Logitech Z10 3'' two-way PC speakers (2008)
Boss BR80 pocket audio 8 track recorder
Dr.HD D15 satellite receiver (2014) with spectrum analyzer, blindscan and basic media player / PVR
Roberts Stream 202 (WM202) Wifi/DAB/FM radio (2008)
HLLY Villa 1 Watt FM transmitter
Minidisc experience (2000)

in German:


AOR AR5000 (1998) Profi-Scanner (Empfangsgerät)
Archos AV140 (2004) MP3 Player mit 40 GB Festplatte, bald ein Museumsstück