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Testcards are special, I'm afraid. I've been hunting far distant TV stations since I was 10 years old. In the 80ies, most stations were broadcasting testcards all day long till the programme started in the evening. It was always a success to catch testcards from Norway to Spain under certain conditions. Testcard photos were like trophies.

What I've compiled here though, is the harvest of some satellite feeds (recorded in 1998) and some DVB stations.

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TV Armenia (DVB on Eutelsat Hotbird 13E). Notice the symbol down right!

IRIB Teheran News Studio (EBU feed via satellite 7E)

Antenna Hungaria (DVB on Eutelsat Hotbird 13E)

ORF Vienna (EBU feed via satellite 7E)

JRT Belgrade (EBU feed via satellite 7E)

RAI Rome (EBU feed via satellite 7E)

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