Typhoon DVB-S configuration (also known as KNC ONE)

...can be tricky. The Globe Digital Software (version 4-2-2004) often freezes when I select a programme that can't be decoded. This happens regularly if your audio and video codecs aren't properly installed. Click on Windows Settings - Control Panel - Multimedia - Devices tab - Audio / Video Compression and deactivate or remove anything not needed. All I've left now is the Lame MP3 Decoder (Priority 1), PCM and WMA codecs. Globe Digital still freezes if the station is inactive. And the video quality could be a lot better. Maybe this is a codec problem again becuse the recorded files played with Winamp look fine. By the way SatcoDX-channel list-import doesn't work the way I expected. The sdx format is not supported. Instead, a txt-format with tabs can be imported. This format was probably used by Satco ages ago. After all I'd not recommend this DVB-S-card.

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