Quick Track Rating with Winamp5

It's complicated to rate a song in the Media Library: rightclicking, moving down with the mouse, then to the right into the submenu and so on. Finally I managed to do it with hotkeys. I use the very old shareware KYMOUS20 (type it into google...) for simulating the mouse with the keyboard. Install it, rightclick on it in the taskbar, select "configure" and then select "extended keyboard". The right-click will now be simulated by DEL. Then install Ultrakeyboard by Fadsoft and assign e.g. a makro consisting of 4 arrows up, 1 to the right, 3 down and the return key to F4. So you always press "." first and then F4 for **, F5 for ***, F6 for **** etc. Unfortunately the songs starts again as soon as you rate it.

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