Remove specific ID3 tags

The tiny command line tool id3.exe is perfect for managing hidden MP3 tags. A hot issue is the removal of the PRIV entry in the ID3v2.3 tag. If you buy your MP3 from an online shop, PRIV often contains coded information about your identity. If you share this file with a friend or anyone gets access to your archive and offers it in a file sharing network, in the long run you can get in trouble. You're not 100% safe with the removal of the PRIV tag though. Water marks within the binary audio have already been developed. The safest method would be to re-encode the whole audio accepting a little loss of quality. Or you access your MP3 from one of the legal (*) discount online-shops in the Ukraine, Cyprus, Russia or New Zealand (mp3million, melodishop, ...). I can't imagine they would blame you for anything.
(*) The issue of legality is discussed and handled differently in each country. But as long as courts haven't decided yet, they appear legal to me.

Usage: Start->Run->type "cmd" for command line->move to the directory which contains id3.exe (with "cd" command)->type (example):

id3.exe -2 -rPRIV c:\mp3\*.mp3 -> experience