Postgres autostart on XP

Since I've installed a postgres database on my notebook, it takes additional 30 seconds (rough guess) to boot the system. I'm using it only on localhost and not every time I start the computer. That's why I wanted to switch the autostart off. But how? It's not in the startup folder, neither in the HKLM/run nor HKCU/run folders in the registry (as listed by the CCleaner freeware). Instead, you find it under Services (Start Menu - Run - type "regedit" + OK): HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE/SYSTEM/ControlSet001/Services/Postgres... Setting the start value to Zero (0) will prevent the automatic postgres start. It still can be started manually in the start menu. Set it back to 2 (that's what it was here) to enable autostart again. By the way this works similar for many services. Postgres also apprears in ControlSet002, CurrentControlSet and other subfolders. It worked fine for me with ControlSet001, the others followed automatically. Here you find more info about the Control Sets. -> technotes