Play MOD video with Winamp

My Panasonic SDR-H20EG-S camcorder creates video files with the MOD extension. It's possible to play them in Winamp with a little modification: That's all. By default Winamp interpretes MOD as a special audio format which also uses this extension. The video is MPEG-like. I don't know about the exact differences but most software recognize MOD video by simply renaming the extension to MPG. That would be a second option if you want to keep the possibility to play MOD audio. I'd recommend Flash Renamer for that purpose. With this nice piece you can batch rename extensions including subdirectories and much more. It's a perfect match for the subdirectory structure used by Panasonic. It's shareware. If you're not registred you'll face a waiting loop that lasts depending on the number of files you've already renamed (nice idea by the way). By the way I use Sony Vegas Movie Studio for video editing. It Powerful, easy to use and self-explaining. And no problems with MODs. -> experience