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Shortwave Browser shortwave frequency list with on-air filtering AOR AR5000 TV channel frequency control for the AR5000 radio scanner Radix Epsilon 3ci@ upload SATCO-DX programme lists (sdx) to this digital satellite receiver

Have a look at a unique software museum:

Apple ][ Mania 250 virtual disks from the 70ies and 80ies

Online Tools

Image Pixel Check checks RGB color and X/Y coordinates of locally stored images (JS based) Text and HEX output check URLs for their plain output in text and hexcode (using php fopen, only the first 4096 bytes)
PCI64V data for Cakewalk (click to download) The file pci64v.ins contains some instrument data of the Soundblaster AudioPCI-64V soundcard. I've recovered the settings by pure chance, so maybe it even contains some hidden features. You can use it with the cakewalk pro audio sequencer software. Switch between General MIDI, drums and the Roland MT-32 simulation on any channel with it. The plain data can be displayed if you open it with a text editor.
8-channel oscillator (click to download) for your old Soundblaster or compatible (1/2/16, OPL chip required) and some sound experiments with a German description. Anyone interested in accoustics and physics might find it helpful. (60 K) Unfortunately it only works with old versions of the Soundblaster and slow PCs.

MS-DOS tools

ASC II converter for text files. (Only 5 K)

HTML reader for MSDOS Probably one of the smallest browsers in the world. Includes hyperlinks and emphasis. It shows the text, not the graphics. Only 2k.
Shortwave Browser from MSDOS days. Type in weekday and time, and you'll see what's on between 2 and 30 MHz SCD - The S(hort)CD command is a tool command that connects you with any subdirectory, the direct way. Type e.g. C: SCD ABCD to connect you with c:\xxx\yyy\abcdef from anywhere. WOIS- The where-is-command searches all directories for a filename. Type e.g. C: WOIS OL*.*
And it will give out a list like:

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