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Satellite Music Radio In Europe

by Peer-Axel Kroeske.

Good shows with rock, folk, blues, world music and everything in between
When I set up this page in the late 90ies internet radio was an experimental thing. You were lucky if you could listen to a poor 20kbps stream for one minute without interruptions. In times of broadband this has completely changed. Today internet radio offers the biggest variety. Most of featured stations here also offer internet streams. But still, satellite streams often provide higher audio quality. And not everyone has broadband accesss. That's why it's still worth setting the focus on the satellite stations.

BBC 6 Music Caroline Cosmo FIP FM4 Le Mouv'
NDR Blue Nordwestradio Planet Rock radioeins Radio Latina Radio Nova
R.Scotland (BBC) R.Ulster (BBC) RNE3 Rock Antenne Swiss Jazz Radio 1 (RTE)

recommended 24 hours a day:

Radio Caroline

the 40 year old offshore pirate has turned into a licenced satellite & internet station with studios on dry land in Maidstone, England. Still occasionally from the Ross Revenge (the pirate radio ship that has already become history) on low power medium wave though. The programmes are outstanding. A lot of creme-de-la-creme 60s and 70s tracks that haven't been played anywhere for years. Rock'n'Roll, hippie area tracks and melodic rock at its best. Some special shows for old time country (Tuesday evening), and they ask their listeners for really seroius requests, now the ordinary stuff you'd hear anywhere else. Relaxed and honest freestyle presentation - this seems so easy but difficult to find anywhere else. So good they've survived! Unfortunately they've left the satellite intending to save the money and move back to their ship. Sorry about this inappropriate first recommendation but I just will not wipe them out here :-)

BBC 6 Music

the BBC launched a 24 hour radio channel which is only there to feed music-interested people with good pop and rock music: Ryan Adams, Oasis, Hives, Sugarbabes or Elvis Costello are among the artists with potential for the A-rotation. Music experts that used to have shows on Radio 1 and 2 have found their new home in 6music. Created to promote DAB digital radio in the UK. DVB on Astra 2 (28°E) 10788V, SR22000, since 2013 restricted to NW Europe

Radio Tres - Radio Nacional de Espana (RNE Radio 3)

This station is exceptional! Compared to 6music, Radio 3 has more diversity, and it's probably the only 24/7 special music station with a strong nationwide FM chain you'll ever find. I've given up to include all the individual shows in the schedule above - there are too many. And who cares about the time - you can listen to everything on-demand! In the podcast section you get all the complete shows as 128kbps-MP3, usually files as big as 50MB. No restrictions to users outside of Spain. And not only the current show - each one with archives about 80 days back. Some list the playlists. Listen to Celtic and Moorish tunes, real rock guitars, songwriting and punk, world music and of course Flamenco over to meditative, jazz, chanson, heavyrock, a lot of Irish folk, crazy hardcore, alternative country, jungle techno, blues, progressive pop, all very melodic and soulful. Band often play live in the studio. Who would name a daily morning show from 6 to 7am "peligrosamente juntas" (dangerous convention), another of my favourites is "cuando los elefantos suenan con la musica" (when elephants dream to the music).
The DJs probably know much about the music (I don't really speak Spanish). No stupid format style presentation but free and kind of natural. DVB on Astra 19E, 11627V, SR22000, 256kbps, 48KHz and in Spain on FM.

Radio Nova

from Paris plays variety: soul-jazz, reggae, progressive pop, chillout, world music, hip-hop, pretty well selected. DVB on Astra 1 (19°E), 11568V, SR22000, 192kbps, 48KHz, in Paris on FM 101.5 and in some other French cities on other FM frequencies.


From Radio France, Paris. Non-stop music only interrupted by short news. Good source for chanson, French pop, smooth jazz, world music, progressive pop and some experimental stuff. The complete 24h-playlist is on the internet. Occasional one-day-specials about artists or styles. From 19.00 to 20.30 non-stop jazz and soul grooves.
DVB on Astra 1 (19°E), 11568V, SR22000, 256kbps, 48KHz


Radio Latina

Latin music station from Paris, wide range from salsa to pop. By the way there is another one in Barcelona called Zona Latina but that's not on satellite. DVB on Astra 1 (19°E), 11568V, SR22000, 192kbps, 48KHz but sounds much more digitally compressed than it should

NDR Blue

Alternative, soul, rock - this digital-only offer replays many of the special music programmes from the other channels NDR 2, N-Joy and NDR Info of the North German public broadcaster. Live-concerts every evening. And many hours of nice music compilations only interrpted by news on-the-hour.


Swiss Jazz

Is the Swiss Jazz channel. Almost non-stop jazz music. Almost no announcements or news. They play more of the popular kind of jazz music, less experimental stuff. Good for the background all the day if you like it.

DVB on Hotbird 13E, 12399H, SR27500, 192kbps, in Switzerland DAB and cable.


radioeins (rbb)

A progressive music radio for the Berlin metropolitan area. A lot of reports about the whole cultural life in the city: exhibitions, events, pop concerts, sub-culture. Good specials in the evenings: A lot of songwriter stuff Neil Young style , independent music and progressive pop. Even some electronic music specials. Most playlists are on the internet. DVB on Astra1 (19°E) 12266H, SR27500, 320 kbps

Oui FM

La Radio Rock. Nice mixture of international modern rock and pop, occasionally including interesting French rock bands. DVB on Astra 1 (19°E) 11568V, SR22000

Le Mouv

Rock station produced by Radio France, Paris. Every day live concerts at 22h. Many French rock bands, interviews with musicians and international alternative rock. Ranges from U2 to Pretenders. DVB on Astra 1 (19°E) 11568V, SR22000

FM 4

from Austria but with large parts of English presentation. It belongs to the public broadcaster ORF. One of the more progressive youth radios in the German language area with some variety from Hip Hop to Punk and not only Top 40. DVB on Astra 1 (19°E), 12663H, SR22000


Rock Antenne

Commercial Rock station from Munich, Germany. Mix of Classic and Modern Rock, all melodic. A lot of album tracks, a lot of hits of course, but espacially in the night also some well-chosen album tracks. Almost 100% music, only news on the hour, because it is an automatic programme over large parts of the day. The rotation is a bit narrow sometimes. Anyway good to listen to in the background. Worth to mention: Rock live Sundays 22-24 h with single live songs from mixed bands.
DVB on Astra 1 (19°E), 12148H, SR27500, A304, 192kbps

Planet Rock

"Fighting the evil forces of pop music" says one jingle. A UK station with a very good selection of Classic Rock. If you like Hendrix, Bowie, Foreigner, Santana and Bad Company you simply must tune in here.
DVB on Astra 2 (28°E), 11585H, SR22000

These stations have at least some good shows:

Deutschlandradio Berlin (DLR)

A Germany-wide information programme with political and cultural reports and a nice, wide range of music in between, including some songwriter-folk and indie. on Astra 1 (19°E) 11594H SR27500


is a culture station from Bremen, Germany. Mixed daytime programme with mixed genres like songwriting, classical music, soul, jazz, blues. Some evening specials. DVB on Astra 1 (19°E) 12266H, SR 27500, 320kbps and Bremen FM 88.3

RTE Radio 1

The first Irish programme plays some good traditional music from the green island. DVB on Eutelsat Hotbird 13E, 12597V, SR27500, A2120 and
DVB on Astra (28°E), 10744H, SR22000
since 2013 limited to NW Europe

BBC Radio Scotland

Here you find excellent music shows in the evenings. Most of them are about folk music. "Air" on Mondays is the best electropop music show I know presented by Amanda McKinnan and Douglas Anderson (I wish there'd be more presenter teams like them in the world) - you hear they have a deep love to 80ies independent and groovy music, presenting tons of interesting records and inviting musicians into the studio. And imagine: there's one hour every week only about bag pipes: "Pipeline" on Saturdays! DVB on Astra 2 (28°E) 10788V SR22000 limited to NW Europe but also on the web

BBC Radio Ulster

The BBC in Nothern Ireland has good music shows in the evenings as well. DVB on Astra 2 (28°E) 10788V SR22000 limited to NW Europe but also on the web


a multilingual programme from Cologne, Germany with a variety of contemporary world music. Used to be called "Funkhaus Europa" until 2016. DVB on Astra 1 (19°E), 12266H, SR27500, 320 kbps

The schedule (last update 7-Jan-2017)

all times are CET/CEST Central European (Summer) Time as in Berlin / Paris / Stockholm / Rome / Madrid
The schedule easily gets out of date - sorry, so many stations, so many changes all the time. Anyway it gives you an idea where you could take a closer look at. Enjoy!

Monday to Friday

00.05 - 02.00 NDR info Nachtclub (new releases all styles)
01.00 - 02.00 6music 6music recommends
00.30 - 03.00 RTE R.1 The Late Date (50s to 70s melodic oldies, real retro radio)
02.05 - 05.55 NDRinfo Nightlounge (Mo-Su, nonstop soul,songwriter,ambient,trip,reggae,jazz,mixes...)
03.30 - 04.30 6music Live hour
14.00 - 15.00 RNE 3 Discopolis (world music, Spanish guitar pop, classic, tango, many shows available on-demand)
21.05 - 05.00 radioeins various special music programmes
20.00 - 22.00 FRITZ Soundgarden (Mo: International, Tu: Urban, We: Rap, Thu: Metal, Fr: Noisy, Sa: Club, Su: Rock)
22.05 - 23.00 Nordwest in concert
22.35 - 24.00 NDR Kult Neo (music between genres)
23.05 - 24.00 Bayern2 Nachtmix (Mo-Su)
23.05 - 23.30 NDRinfo Nachtclub Magazin (interviews, local bands a.o.)


21.05 - 23.00 radioeins Radio Affair (records, concerts, interviews)
21.05 - 23.00 Ulster Across The Line (rock and locals)
21.05 - 22.00 NDR 2 Radiokonzert (live concerts)
20.05 - 22.00 Scotland Travelling Folk
22.05 - 24.00 Scotland Vic Galloway (reggae, soul)


01.05 - 03.00 radioeins Roots - the history of big records
22.05 - 24.00 Scotland Celtic Connections (from traditional to progressive)
23.00 - 24.00 Ulster New voices (indie pop and folk)


00.05 - 02.00 Scotland Iain Anderson (Scottish songwriting, blues and soul)
01.05 - 03.00 radioeins Radio Affair (records, concerts, interviews)
21.05 - 22.55 Ulster Local voices (Northern Irish artists)


00.05 - 02.00 Scotland Iain Anderson (Scottish songwriting, blues and soul)
02.05 - 05.00 DLR Ton Art: Lonesome Cowboy
21.05 - 24.00 NDR 2 Peter Urban (soul, pop and new releases)
21.05 - 23.00 radioeins HappySad (alternative country, songwriting, melancholy)
23.05 - 01.00 radioeins Experience (rock and psychadelic)


00.05 - 02.00 Scotland Vic Galloway (reggae, soul)
01.05 - 03.00 radioeins Elektro Beats
03.05 - 05.00 radioeins Prime Cuts (rock, songwriter)
21.05 - 24.00 NRK P1 Radio Rock
21.05 - 23.00 Ulster Country


00.05 - 02.00 NDRinfo Nachtclub (new releases a.o.)
01.00 - 03.00 RTE R.1 The Late Date (50s to 70s melodic oldies, real retro radio)
01.05 - 06.00 DLF Rock
03.05 - 05.00 radioeins Happy Sad (alternative country, songwriter-rock)
13.00 - 14.00 RNE 3 Toma 1 (Country, Americana, Bluesrock)
16.35 - 17.00 Bayern2 radioMusik (Blues, Folk, Country, Soul and Songs)
19.05 - 23.00 radioeins Dancehall (souljazz, protosoul, motown, elektroboogie, monsterfunk)
20.03 - 22.00 Ulster Folk Club
20.05 - 22.00 Scotland Take The Floor (Scottish traditional music)
20.05 - 22.00 Nordwest in concert
22.00 - 23.00 Scotland Pipeline (only pipe tunes)
23.05 - 01.00 radioeins Planet Fruit (reggae / dub / world music)


01.00 - 03.00 RTE R.1 The Late Date (50s to 70s melodic oldies, real retro radio)
13.00 - 14.00 RNE 3 Toma 1 (Country, Americana, Bluesrock, many shows on-demand)
13.00 - 15.00 Scotland Reel Blend (Scottish music old and new)
15.05 - 16.00 DLF Rock et cetera (portraits, trends, background)
18.05 - 20.00 Scotland Take The Floor (Scottish traditional music)
20.05 - 22.00 Scotland Travelling Folk
20.05 - 22.00 Nordwest in concert

Reception hints

There are 4 important satellite positions mentioned here:

Most European dishes are fixed at one of these positions. You must turn your dish to receive the other positions. Or even better: Buy a rotor. Modern receivers support the DiseqC 1.2 standard (from 30 for the rotor). This means you can control the rotor via the coax. The dish will automatically turn to the requested satellite as soon as you select a channel. If you only need up to 4 positions, multifeeds are a good solution (50 for the multifeed, plus 10 for each LNB).


80 cm should be enough in most European countries. The only exceptions are parts of CIS, which are out-of-spot for some satellites.

Digital audio:


The digital satellite standard for TV and radio around the world. If your receiver can already do TV, then the remote will also have a radio button. Boxes have spread much since 2000 and cost 30 up. In Europe you can get about 600 free TV and another 600 radio stations with a turnable dish (plus 100s of additional no-content channels). In addition 100s of radio channels are crypted (mostly nonstop-music stations for special styles as a bonus for pay-TV packages). The stations mentioned here are all free.

Sound quality

ranges from very poor to excellent because stations use all sorts of bitrates (everything from 64 kbps mono to 320 kbps stereo).

DVB Channel settings

If your receiver's automatic search doesn't find the programmes, try to enter the frequency, polarisation (H or V), and symbol rate (SR) manually. Unfortunally in some cases these parameters change from time to time (especially the UK-stations on Astra 2 / 28°E). Look out for the latest data at

Loss free recording

Direct and loss-free recording is possible with most PCI cards or USB devices for DVB-S. But keep in mind that DVB-satellite stations use the MP2 codec. Most likely the MP2-stream will initially be packed into a TS-file which is a container. TS offers the possibility to pack multiple streams (a mux) together. If you're lucky your portable player will cope with MP2 or even TS (depending on the software / apps and codecs installed). If not the only way is to convert and lose sound quality. Unfortunately some codecs for playing Layer 2 appear to be of a minor sound quality. So after all in some cases it's easier to connect the receiver's/card's analogue audio output with the sound card's input to get the best results. Modern soundcards are able to record the stereomix directly without a cable loop.

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