Satellite DX
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TBS 5925 professional USB device, DXers' reference

Dr.HD D15 a set top box with blind scan, spectrum analyzer and high sensitivity

Dreambox The DM7000 and 7020 were setting standards in first decade of the 21th century with Pay-TV-cracks and streaming options but only for advanced users with a lot of patience

European Satellites Which countries use which positions? There are many! Just an overview without details

Transponder Map view the frequency structure of European satellites graphically

Testcards most of them taken from internal satellite feeds in 1997.

Radix Epsilon 3ci@ upload SATCO-DX programme lists (sdx) to this outdated digital satellite receiver

Satellite Music Radio A day-by-day schedule of the 100 best shows and 30 best stations that can be picked up with a simple dish in Europe

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