Linefeed with fputs in php

If you want to collect data from a text file with fgets, lines should be seperated by chr13,chr10 or in hex 0D 0A. Unfortunately it is not easy as it seems to write such a file with fputs. I've checked out the following combinations in PHP4.3.2. The comments refer to the write mode(w). In append mode (a) the output is different. I haven't found any combination that always puts out chr13,chr10. This all refers to Windows. I haven't checked behaviour under Linux. It might be different because Linux uses only 0D as linefeed.

$f=fopen('test.txt','w');  // or 'a' as append 
fputs ($f,'testa');  //nothing
fputs ($f,'testc'.chr(13));  //13
fputs ($f,'testd'.chr(10));  //13  append: 13,10
fputs ($f,'teste'.chr(10).chr(13));  //13,10 (!)  append: 13,10,13
fputs ($f,'testf'.chr(13).chr(10));  //13,13      append: 13,13,10
fputs ($f,"testg\n");  //13   append:13,10
fputs ($f,'testh\n');  // '\n'  
fputs ($f,"testi\n\n");  //13,10  append: 13,10,13,10
fputs ($f,"testj\r\n");  //13,10  append: 13,13,10
fputs ($f,"testk\n\r");  //13,10  append: 13,10,13
fputs ($f,"testl\r");  //13  
fputs ($f,"testz");
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