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Handewitt Perseus site

Since I've started putting up a remote reception site for the Perseus receiver, here is some info about it. It is located in Handewitt (scroll down!), Schleswig-Holstein, in the very north of Germany, only 5 km from the border to Denmark. The Perseus is a software defined receiver for 0-40 MHz with many options that can be controlled remotely by everyone around the world who has the latest Perseus 4.0b software installed. Actually, you can only obtain it (beyond trial mode) if you buy a receiver or at least plug one in once. But it's a great device, I can only recommend it. My Perseus server is on irregularly, biggest chance on the weekends. Usually it is connected to an ALA1530S magnetic loop antenna in random directions. It's installed about 7 meters above ground and 10 meters from the house. Only fields to the west but some electric fences produce sparks, depending on the humidity. So I suggest you put on the spark rejection. The strongest signal is the LORAN transmitter (pulsed signal for sea navigation) on 100 KHz. Below you can see a 5 element FM (88-108 MHz), and a 4 element for OIRT-FM for sporadic E and MS (65-74 MHz, actually a channel E4 antenna). Some interference by electric devices is always there, it's acceptable though. I get the best results in accu mode with my laptop but in server mode the PC is usually connected to AC. If you look at the port you can distinguish whether it's my PC (8014) or laptop HP Compaq 6715s (8015). DSL upload bandwidth is max 500 kbps. You can access the Perseus via dymamic DNS (check both ports):

my Perseus projects: PHP Kit for extended userlists and spectrum analysis (last update: 26-Mar-2017) location specific Perseus userlists Perseus notes

By the way this is the place where FMSCAN is being developed.

The other antennas of the reception site:
moonraker mlp62
MLP62 Moonraker Logper 50-1300 MHz connected to my AR5000.

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