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From Offshore To Onshore

Radio Caroline, Big L and some of the other pirates are taking the airwaves again. Onshore and legally. Read more about backgrounds and reception.
Interview with Peter Moore - who has taken Radio Caroline into the 21st century

Interview with Ray Anderson - who is behind the comeback of "Big L Radio London"

Reception and short info:
Radio Caroline:
the station with a continous history that kept the spirit, many album songs
digital satellites Astra/Sky 28E (Europe), World Space 21(Africa), Astra 19E (Europe, encrypted), internet
Big L Radio London:
ceased in 1967, came back in 1997 with occasional RSL licences, since May 2005 with nonstop programming, rock and oldies
AM 1395 in Central Europe (night) and all around The Netherlands (day), Digital satellite Astra/Sky 28E (Europe) and internet.
Radio Seagull:
AM 1602 in north Netherlands since May 2005 sharing it with Radio Waddenzea. The internet stream isn't accessible all the time. Seagull plays progressive rock at night, Waddenzea oldies during daytime.
there are three stations independent from each other:
Radio Veronica:
has become a big commercial station in the Netherlands owned by Murdoch's News Corp. (Skyradio) playing a lot of 80's and 90's.
Digital satellite Astra 19E (Europe), internet and in the Netherlands on FM 103.
Radio Nordsee International:
here are some memories of the Dutch offshore station.

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