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European Satellites

compact overview of the radio and TV satellites over European skies. There are always a few exotic programmes to receive, but they change from time to time. Look for Angola, Mali or Senegal on 7°W for example. A few years ago it was possible to receive Ecuador, Kenya, Phillipines and Cameroon but they've disappeared from the strong satellites now. The hunt for these stations makes satellite TV so interesting, regarding the local or domestic national channels in particular. The resolution is often better than on most internet TV stations. Stations mentioned are free and uncrypted. Last update: Feb 2014 (Ku and partly C)
Dish sizes are (Ku / C - Band)

from east to west:
80°E (- / 3 m)
C About 10 free TV channels and 15 radios from Russia, some locals crypted
78.5°E (- / 3m ?)

C about 200 Thai TV channels, mostly uncrypred, a few from Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar and Somalia, Laos, Cambodia, plus some international stations. Reception of this satellite used to be possible in central Eurupe with very large dishes back in the analogue days.
76.5°E (2-3 m)
C about 20 channels from Bangladesh and a bit around (Maledives, India).
75°E (1 m / 4 m)
Ku 13 free Russian stations
Exotic attractions:
Kazakh and Tajik TV. C a few US religios, 1 Korea, 1 Kazakh, 1 Phillipines

68.5°E (80 cm / 3m)

Ku Southern Africa calling! This satellite has a few transponders that cover Africa and Europe with equally strong signals. As it happens there are now almost 100 free channels targetting countries like South Africa, Namibia, Mozambique which you can easily recive with common equipment in Europe. It all started with a bunch of missionary stations- be surprised how many there are, mostly Christian showing mass services with all sorts of ecstatic praise, amazing wonders, distorted microphones and more or less charismatic priests. Apart from the US outlets there are a number of explicitly African gospel stations like Channel 44 from Uganda with some nice music videos from East African countries. WAP TV and Idan TV from Nigeria play local hit music filmed low budget on location, there's plenty of them, you can get a real impression. TVC is a news channel from Nigeria. BOS TV comes from Zimbabwe. IMovies has some English films. Also note the German radio stations from Namibia and the English LM radio from Mozambique which has a story of its own.
C 20 TV from India plus Hindi Pay TV, a few free from Zambia, Kenya, Bangladesh

66°E (1m / 3m)

C 60 free TV India (incl. some Tamil), Indian Pay TV Ku a feq Russian / Kazakh
62°E (60 cm / 5 m)
only some feeds (C & Ku). With very big dishes the Iranian spot beam (Ku, 5 m) or the African beam with Kenya TV (C, 10 m) might be possible. Ku Iran, only ME coverage

60°E (1 m only East Europe / 2.5 - 10m)

Ku some Russian, Kazakhstan, Kirgistan C single channels from Tanzania, Nigeria, Uganda
57°E (60 cm / 3 m) NSS
Ku only to Africa/Asia C Ethiopia (only Southern Europe), US external services (VoA / Sawa / Alhurra etc), min. size 9m

53°E (60 cm) Express

Ku With 60-80 cm you already get about 10 Russian stations including regional TV from Grozny, Nadym (north Siberia), Governya TV from Sverdlovsk oblast and Belarus 24. A dish of 1m is required for Uzbekistan, Syria (rare nowadays), 2 Palestine and a few Afghan TVs.

45°E (50 cm)

12 Bulgarian TV & 10 radios, 2 Romanian

42°E (40 cm to 1.5 m) TurkSat

The Turkish position with around 300 TV stations, almost completely free and 100s of radios.
In Central Europe a 0.8m dish will do for most programmes. With 1m to 1.5m you can pick up some additional transponders of the Turkey spot beams, including 7 Azerbeidjan TVs.

39°E (40 cm) HellasSat

The Greek satellite with 7 Greek TV and many radios, and 7 Bulgarian TV stations

36°E (60 cm) Intelsat

Azerbaijan (2 TV & 1 radio), a few Italians
only in East Europe: many free Russian channels, dozens of Russian Pay TVs.

31.5°E (60-100 cm)

Ku 30 free Ukraine TV plus Pay TV, a few free Turkish and Italian, and Romanian Pay TV
31°E (60-100 cm)
Ku 10 Turkish TV and 7 radios beaming to SW Europe
30.5°E ( - / 2-3m)
C interesting regional stations from Africa: South African Bay TV and 1KZN, Laayoune TV from West Sahara and Laayoune TV from Algeria

28.5°E (40 cm) Astra 2 and Eurobird

about 200 English freeview channels , about 50 free UK radios, 100s of crypted BSkyB channels
also BBC radio and TV with regional newscasts (but only NW Europe), HD is on the sharper footprints.
There is also Record TV from Brazil, NHK world from Japan, KBS world from Korea and some ethnic Asian

26°E (80 - 200 cm / 1.5 m) Arabsat

Ku 300 Arab radio & TV stations on C and Ku band. Some exclusive like Mauritania, Eritrea, Ethiopia and domesic stations all over North Africa and the Middle East. Reception on lower Ku band frequencies seems to require bigger dishes in some parts of Central Europe.
25.5°E (1 m)
Ku 20 Arab making up a combined position with Arabsat

23.5°E (40 cm)

30 Slovak and Czech radios & some TV, free Dutch regional TV, many cryted German packages (cable feeds), a few free German
21.5°E (1.2 m)
Ku a few Arab stations from Lebanon and elsewhere
20°E (- / 3m)
C 30 arab stations and Ethiopia. It is easier to pick them up on 26°E

19.2°E (40 cm) Astra 1

Ku 400 free channels including 50 German free full service TV &. 100s of radios from Germany, Spain, the Netherlands, France etc
Many crypted packages with 100s of programmes for the Benelux (Canal Digitaal), Germany (Premiere), France (Canalsat), Spain (Digital +), Hungary (UPC) and MTV outlets.

16°E (80 cm)

Ku Balcan calling: 100 Serbian, Romanian, Bosnian, Slovenian, Moldovan and Albanian/Kosovan TV & radio stations, some crypted, plus many feeds.

13°E (40 cm) Eutelsat Hotbird

Ku more than 1000 radio and TV channels from all over Europe, the Middle East and North Africa. More than 300 freeview, the rest crypted: French packages TPS and ABSAT, Polish Cyfra, Mediaset and Sky Italy. Free among others: the whole Arab world, Bosnia, US external services (VoA), Croatia, Slovenia, some Russian TV, single channels from Turkey, Hindi and Bangla TV, Venezuela, Columbia, Macedonia, Greece, Romania, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Hungary, Azerbejdzan, Kazakhstan and BBC World.
10°E (1 m) Eutelsat
Ku some single channel transponders with Arab stations

9°E (80 cm) Eutelsat

Ku some Italian and ethnic Asian stations (Tamil, Urdu, Hindi) Ka the new 20 GHz-band with a free TV transponder for Ireland (spot beam, very sharp) carrying RTE TV and radio

7°E (80 cm) Eutelsat

Exotic favourites easy to receive: domestic TV from Senegal (RTS1 and 2STV), Mali (ORTM) and Angola (TPA, Zimbo) other: M6 Suisse, some Arab and Farsi stations many crypted feeds by European Broadcasting Union, a crypted Turkish package.

5°E (60 cm)

A few free channels from Romania, Ukraine, Russia, Moldova, Lithuania. The Danish and Swedish packages are mostly crypted.
3°E (60cm/ 1m) Eutelsat
Ku Libya, Syria, Arabs
C Libyan Mux plus on African beam: Kongo 6 TV and 8 radios, chance for reception in SW Europe

1°W (60 cm / 1.5 m) Intelsat

Ku A few free channels from Romania, Bulgaria and Macedonia. The Scandinavian packages are big but mostly crypted and contain similar programmes as on 5°E. Most of the radios are free.

4°W (80 cm SE - 1.2 m NW) Amos

Many Hungarian stations, half of them free, also some Romanians and Ukrainians. The spot is focussed on East Central Europe.

5°W (60 cm / 1.2-2.5 m) France Telecom

Ku The 6 main TV channels for France uncrypted (DVB). In addition Montenegro TV and the crypted Serbian package Pink.
C Reunion, Kenya, Niger, Cameroon and French Guyana

7°W (1m south -1.5m north EU) Nilesat

Ku100s TV and radios from the Arab world including MBC 1/2/3/4 with a lot of subtitled English movies and series and MBC Bollywood. With a 105cm dish and low noise LNB I already get a few transponders in Northern Germany with 50 free programmes and an unstable signal. There are a few additional channels on copositioned 8°W spotting only on Notrth Africa and Middle East. Maybe reception of these is possible with dish sizes over 150cm.
11°W (1m) Express
Ku 20 Italians and Greek ET3
C single channels from Bulgaria (1 m) and Russia (9 m dish)

12.5°W (60 cm)

Ku good to test the abilities of your receiver: Some Italians with bitrates as low as 1 MBit plus a package in 8PSK-multistream (more than challenging), domestic Tunisia 1, BH from Bosnia-Hercegovnia and religious Cancao Nova from Brazil

15°W (60 cm) Telstar

Ku Some Farsi stations heading for the Iranian audience in Europe. PARS in Armenian.

22°W (60 cm / 2.5 m)

Ku 5 Algerian TV stations and 20 Algerian radios including many local stations which are not avaiable on the internet
C Algeria, Morocco, Spain, some radios
by the way this is the satellite that offers pay-TV packages for West Africa in the Ku band. They cannot be received in Europe.
24°W (60 cm / 3m) Intelsat
Ku Nigerian NTA C Burkina Faso

27°W (1 m / 1.50 m) Intelsat

C Guinea, and dozens of TV and radio stations from the Voice of America.

30°W (80 cm) Hispasat

KuHundreds of Spanish channels, most of them crypted but quite a few free

34°W (60 cm / 80cm)

Ku only feeds C Greenland TV and 2 stations from Ivory Coast

43°W (1.8m)

C A few TV stations from Costa Rica, Argentina and Brazil

45°W (80 cm)

Ku RASD TV from Western Sahara
Dish sizes refer to the minimum size to get a signal at all in Central Europe (clear skies). For stable reception at least the double size is neccessary. The signal strength depends very much on the position within Europe.
The flags are only used to illustrate this site a bit. They are not meant to be complete.
For detailled channel information and footprints please refer to Lyngsat and use the Dish Size table.

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