Radiovibrations - Offset DX

531 KHz

waterfall diagrams received in Handewitt, Germany on 19/12/2016

by Peer-Axel Kroeske, DL2LBP Apart from 549.0000, it seems like 7 offsets can be received 24h (though the afternoon is missing here). 4 of them belong probably to RNE (Spain), 2 could be Romania. Twoje Radio from Poland with two transmitters is probably inactive. Here are the guessings, based on earlier easurements from remote receivers (see last measured column).
KHz+/-last measuredtimesfadestrengthstation
530.99460.19946-0430oRadio Iran, Iranshahr
530.99630.2996oRNE (Cordoba)
530.99860.19986oRNE (Pamplona)
530.99880.1f9990350-2000oAntena Satelor
530.99950999519-04-Radio Botswana, Maun
530.99970.1999/0004oRNE (Oviedo or Pontevedra)
531.000000000+Faroer Isl and AIR, India (0020-1740)
531.000200002-05-SBC Al-Quaran, Bisha (checked remote)
531.0003800003+R.Romania Act., Petrosani
531.00070999/0004oRNE (Oviedo or Pontevedra)
531.00590-10-Twoje, Poland? If so, it would be underpowered (1W or so). A beacon?
531.00710068-07oIBA Reshet Aleph, Tel Aviv, Israel

f=fast drift, p=propagation effects, : interrupted by night break, w=only at warm up/switch on
view offset frequency list & 24h graph at
0531khz_161219_16-20z_9847-0153 all screenshots taken with the superb and free Spectrum Lab software