Radiovibrations - Offset DX

1269 KHz

waterfall diagrams received in Handewitt, Germany on 05/03/2017

by Peer-Axel Kroeske, DL2LBP
KHz+/- Hztimesfadestrengthstationremarks
1268.98740.3w0020-17051520-0200o-AIR South, Madurai, 20 KW
1268.990124h-0510R.Ardabil, IRN, 50 KWtent, warm-up drift at 1510 after unintentional break?
1268.99680.12050-16001540-0020-Shanxi CHN?, 10 KWparallel to 0000
1268.99850.40500-2305Taraba R., Nigaria, 50 KWvery unstable, hopping at 1540 and 2130
strong too early
1268.998901530-0000far east
1268.99960.0524h24h+COPE Zamora, E, 10 KW
1268.9997024h-0330oRadio Asia, UAE, 200 KW
1269.00000.12050-16001540-0020-Shanxi CHN?, 10 KWparallel to 9968
1269.0024024h+COPE Badajoz, E, 10 KW
1269.00550.6w0320-01001530-0500oR.Kuwait FM, 100 KW
600 KW CRI from Xuanwei (11-18 UTC) seems off
f=fast drift, p=propagation effects, : interrupted by night break, w=only at warm up/switch on
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1269khz_170305_15-2220z_9843-0157 all screenshots taken with the superb and free Spectrum Lab software