Dreambox Rotor Table

If you access multiple positions via a DiseqC 1.2 rotor, then the config file will have a line like:
These are the positions. West is negative, east positive. So the first value means: 45.0 degrees west is stored on position 043. After uploading new images or changes in the satellite configuration menu you will always have to enter all the positions again. It would time just to copy this line into the new config file. But unfortunately it's not as easy as this. Satellite positions are part of the config (LNB,Orbitpos,Rotortable), satellite.xml (transponders) and services (programme lists) file. They play together in a complex way. There might be a perfect way to handle all this, but I can't deliver it here. This is what I tried:
This only worked a few times. No guarantee on anything, and be sure that the hard disc doesn't rotate while switching the Dreambox off. I've spent some hours to work this out.

Where is my position?

I've often observed that the neighbouring motor positions just disappear out of the list and others take their wrong place. It was often not possible to create different positions for 28.2/28.5° or 0.8/1°W

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