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some try-and-error conclusions about the Dreambox satellite receivers, in particular DM7000-S and DM7020-S First of all: A Dreambox never acts predictably keep that in mind before you waste too many nights. It's a challenge but not always a logical one. For those who just want to watch TV: never change a running system. For the brave and fearless: Here we go... Settings a programme list for all satellites in Central Europe and satellites.xml limited to valid free transponders WebIF commands access the Dreambox via HTTP ZapTo syntax of the Web Interface (WebIF) Namespace this value appears in the settings files, but what is it? Accessing the Dreambox WebIF via PHP Screenshots via Telnet Networking Stream via the network Directories for plugins, enigma settings files and satellite.xml Satellites.xml structure The rotor table in the config file Structure of the services file How to install a rotor SNR Signal levels Links one more topic too short for a link: Power consumption in use: 25 Watts, standby: 11 Watts (that's much). If you shutdown the dreambox the power is less than 1 Watt.
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