A p p l e  ] [  M a n i a

Here you can find 250 virtual disks for the old Apple ][ PC:

Apple ][ Software Download Directory

I'd recommend to save this htm-page first, because the ZIPs do not have an index.

How to use it...

The Emulator (Apple252.zip)

Using the emulator for the first time?

Now your PC will react like an Apple ][ (only for the emulation!). You can always go back to the emulator menu with F10. Here you can change the emulation speed or change disks.

Bootable Disks

The virtual diskette will boot if it has DOS. Either the boot file automatically starts the game. Sometimes a menu appears. The 3rd possibility is that there is only a cursor after the Apple prompt "]". If so, you can type


to see the directory. A- (BASIC), B- (Macine Code) and some T- (Batch) files are executable.

Some T-Files are databases and not executable.

Before you can run intbasic software you must have loaded the language. In order to do that, look for HELLO.INT on the intbasic disks and run it.

Disks without DOS

Useful Apple-DOS-Commands

Slow it down!

The old Apple ][ used between 1 and 3 MHz, PCs count in GHz nowadays. That's why the emulator will often display GAME OVER before you realize that it has begun at all. Type W in the emulator menu to slow it down.

Further information about Apple Disk Transfer and ApplePC is in the TXT-files in the ZIP-archive. You will not find all of these disks in the zip-file, but most of them. Please regard it as a museum. All this software was produced in the 70ies and 80ies. It would be lost if it was not tranfered to the PC like this. It took me some time to bulid up a connection between my old Apple //c and the PC. If anyone thinks his copyrights are violated by this, please contact me. I would immediately stop distribution. On the other hand it would be a pleaure for me to receive positive reactions from the programmers of this old software.

Heaps of other/identical software and emulators for the old Apple ][ can be found here:
Some of the images may be faulty. I transferred them in 2002 from disks that were about 17 years old. Some software wasn't even running properly back in the 80s.


This is the complete list of the software. Some of it is in German, the rest in English.

Colums: zip# / dsk-file / original disk# / software

a2games1.zip (Games/old) contains:

1 adcarreb 11a     Death In The Carrebean (a)
1 ae       43      AE
1 archon   74b     Archon II
1 aztec    53a     Aztec
1 bandits  10a     Bandits
1 bcsquest 10b     BC's Quest For Tyres
1 billard  9a      Pool Billard
1 bpaddles 38b     Blazing Paddles
1 brucelee 3b      Bruce Lee
1 buqroger 37a     Buck Rogers
1 byndwolf 55b     Beyond Castle Wolfenstein II
1 chess7   63a     Chess 7.0
1 congobon 67b     Congobongo
1 crime&pu 101b    Crime And Punishment
1 cyderspi 29b     Cyder Spider
1 cytron   45b     Cytron Master
1 decatlon 9b      Olympic Decathlon
1 donkykng 23b     Donkey Kong
1 drol     46a     Drol
1 fatcity  104b    Fat City
1 flak     74a     Flak
1 flgtsim  29a     Flight Simulator II
1 gaccrr  136b     The Great American Country Cross Road Race
1 ghostbus 40a     Ghostbusters
1 gladiatr 104a    The Last Gladiator
1 gms1-2   1b      Apple Panic
1 gms1-2   1b      Autobahn
1 gms1-2   1b      Sabotage
1 gms103-2 102b    Brick Out
1 gms103-2 102b    Frogger
1 gms103-2 102b    Pest Patrol
1 gms103-2 102b    Star (planets)
1 gms17-2  17b     Formula One
1 gms17-2  17b     Neptune
1 gms17-2  17b     Shamus
1 gms22    22a     Gorgon
1 gms22    22a     International Grand Prix
1 gms22    22a     Russki Duck
1 gms24    24b     Boogie
1 gms24    24b     Bussard Bait
1 gms24    24b     Galaxy
1 gms24    24b     Shuttlerace
1 gms24    24b     Sonata
1 gms24    24b     Space Attack
1 gms24    24b     Space Raider
1 gms27-2  27b     Defender
1 gms27-2  27b     Global War
1 gms27-2  27b     Pooyan
1 gms27-2  27b     Spy Strikes Back
1 gms27    27a     Alien Typhoon
1 gms27    27a     Canyon Climber
1 gms27    27a     Ribbit
1 gms27    27a     Snoogle
1 gms27    27a     Thief
1 gms28-2  28b     Biorhythm
1 gms28-2  28b     Firebird
1 gms28-2  28b     Football
1 gms28    28a     Aquatron
1 gms28    28a     Galactic Empire
1 gms28    28a     Guardian
1 gms28    28a     Little Brick Out
1 gms28    28a     Vindicator
1 gms3     3a      Montezuma's Revenche
1 gms3     3a      Pitfall
1 gms3     3a      Star Blazer
1 gms30-2  30b     Burgertime
1 gms30-2  30b     Crimewave
1 gms30-2  30b     Seafox
1 gms30    30a     Badminton
1 gms30    30a     Orbitron
1 gms30    30a     Photar
1 gms31-2  31b     Snake Byte
1 gms31-2  31b     Taxman
1 gms31-2  31b     Viper
1 gms45    45a     Caverns of Casillo
1 gms45    45a     Outpost
1 gms47-2  47b     Jawbreaker
1 gms47-2  47b     Nightmare Gallery
1 gms47-2  47b     Outworld
1 gms47-2  47b     Thunderbirds
1 gms47    47a     Crossfire
1 gms47    47a     Escape From Arctaurus
1 gms47    47a     Fortress
1 gms5     5a      Locksmith 5.0 F (u)
1 gms5     5a      Norad
1 gms5     5a      Star Thief
1 gms57-2  57b     Bolo
1 gms57-2  57b     Deathmaze 5000
1 gms57-2  57b     Zenith
1 gms57    57a     Beer run
1 gms57    57a     Blisterball
1 gms57    57a     Crash Crumble And Chomp
1 gms58-2  58b     Lunar Looper
1 gms58-2  58b     Wavy Navy
1 gms58    58a     Cannonball Blitz
1 gms58    58a     Santa Paravia
1 gms58    58a     Sargoon II
1 gms58    58a     Taipan
1 gms63-2  63b     Bez Off
1 gms63-2  63b     Star Runner
1 gms66    66a     Reiguard
1 gms66    66a     Stargate
1 gms67    67a     Bez man
1 gms67    67a     Crazy mazy
1 gms67    67a     Pigpen
1 gms67    67a     Spy's Demise
1 gms7-2   7b      Genetic Drift
1 gms7-2   7b      Pegasus II
1 gms8-2   8b      Asteroids
1 gms8-2   8b      Choplifter
1 gms8-2   8b      Flight Simulator II
1 gms8-2   8b      Robotron 2084
1 gms8-2   8b      Space Invaders
1 gms80-2  80b     Beach Combat
1 gms80-2  80b     Hangman
1 gms80-2  80b     Pill Box
1 gms80-2  80b     Twerps
1 gms80    80a     Ape Escape
1 gms80    80a     No Future Pinball
1 gms80    80a     Silent Movie Pinball
1 gms89-2  89b     Backgammon
1 gms89-2  89b     Checker King
1 gms89-2  89b     Microchess 2.0
1 gms89-2  89b     Reversal
1 gms89-2  89b     Sargon
1 gms89    89a     Bilestead
1 gms89    89a     Lemmings
1 gms89    89a     Loderunner
1 gms90-2  90b     Akalabeth
1 gms90-2  90b     Deathstar
1 gms90-2  90b     Flight Simulator I
1 gms90    90a     Falcons
1 gms90    90a     Mystery House
1 gms95    95a     Ceiling Zero
1 gms95    95a     County Carnival
1 gms95    95a     Eliminator
1 gms95    95a     New Invaders
1 gms99-2  99b     Bouncing Kamoungas
1 gms99-2  99b     Burn Out
1 gms99-2  99b     Jouster
1 gms99-2  99b     SCIMMAR's
1 gruds2   111b    Grund In Space disk2
1 grunds1  111a    Gruds In Space disk1
1 hellowen 44b     Halloween
1 intbas1  19b     Animals
1 intbas1  19b     Awari
1 intbas1  19b     Black Jack
1 intbas1  19b     Cryptogramm
1 intbas1  19b     Decision
1 intbas1  19b     Enterprise (Star Trek)
1 intbas1  19b     Intbasic
1 intbas1  19b     Kniffel
1 intbas1  19b     Life
1 intbas1  19b     Madlib
1 intbas1  19b     Moon Lander
1 intbas1  19b     Othello
1 intbas1  19b     Phila Piano
1 intbas1  19b     Phila Pinball
1 intbas1  19b     States And Capitals (USA)
1 intbas1  19b     Talker
1 intbas1  19b     Wings
1 intbasic 86b     Applevision
1 intbasic 86b     Bloody Murder
1 intbasic 86b     Name Game
1 intbasic 86b     Oink
1 jnglhunt 62b     Jungle Hunt
1 jumpman  62a     Jumpman
1 karatek  60b     Karateka
1 loderun  2a      Lode Runner
1 loderun2 38a     additional levels for Lode Runner
1 marauder 35b     Marauder
1 microwav 32b     Microwave
1 mine2049 20a     Miner 2049er
1 minitman 34a     Minit Man
1 missimpo 20b     Mission Impossible
1 mrrobot  37b     Mr Robot And His Factory
1 odyssey  6b      Odyssey (a)
1 oilswell 96a     Oil's Well
1 pak2-2   2b      3D
1 pak2-2   2b      Intbasic (u)
1 pak2-2   2b      Repton
1 pak36-2  36b     Alien Munchies
1 pak36-2  36b     Hard Hat Mack
1 pak36-2  36b     Snack Attack
1 pinball  15a     Pinball (4 sets)
1 pinball2 76a     Pinball Paradise (Power Play, Speed Ball, Xcito, Zontar)
1 pincnstn 35a     Pinball Construction Set
1 pitstop  101a    Pitstop II
1 speedway 34b     Speedway Classics
1 stellar7 7a      Stellar 7
1 strppokr 76b     Strip Poker
1 summer21 98a     Olympic Summer Games 2 disk1
1 summer22 98b     Olympic Summer Games 2 disk2 
1 summerg1 69a     Olympic Summer Games disk1
1 summerg2 69b     Olympic Summer Games disk2
1 supbunny 31a     Superbunny
1 swashbux 15b     Swashbuckers
1 theheist 41a     The Heist
1 transsyl 8a      Transsylvania (a)
1 ultima1  42a     Ultima
1 ultima2  42b     Ultima disk 2
1 winterg1 61a     Olympic Winter Games disk1
1 winterg2 61b     Olympic Winter Games disk2
1 wolfenst 55a     Castle Wolfenstein
1 zaxxon   25b     Zaxxon
1 zorro    105a    Zorro

a2util1.zip (utilities/old) contains:

2 adt      158a    Apple Disk Transfer
2 bitcopy  46b     Bit Copy
2 bitcopy  46b     Copy II + 5.4
2 c2pl66  136a     Copy II + 6.6
2 dsk6     6a      Flipdos (u)
2 dsk6     6a      One on One
2 fontrix  33a     Fontrix
2 fontrix2 33b     Fontrix disk 2
2 graforth 12a     GraForth (IDE)
2 graphmag 13b     The Graphic's Magician
2 hrespcs1 38a     some Hires pictures
2 mitlogo  40b     MIT Logo (IDE)
2 mousepnt 12b     Mousepaint
2 musicset 44a     Music Construction Set
2 pak1     1a      Dogfight
2 pak1     1a      Jumper
2 pak1     1a      Runaway Labyrinth
2 pak16-2  16b     own programming
2 pak16    16a     own programming
2 paksft21 21a     own programming
2 pixit    48a     Pixit
2 prshp    39b     Printshop
2 prshp2   14a     Printshop library (100 shapes)
2 prshp3   14b     Printshop library (100 shapes)
2 systempd 25a     Sytem Dienstprogramme fuer den //c
2 tasc     17a     TASC Compiler (u)
2 uty&     51a     &-utilities (u)
2 uty4-1   4a      Datestones
2 uty4-1   4a      Dos Boss (u)
2 uty4-1   4a      Scanner 2.0 (u)
2 uty4-1   4a      Update 35 to 40 tracks (u)
2 uty4-1   4a      Update Dos 3.3 to 3.4 (u)
2 uty48    48b     David Dos (u)
2 uty48    48b     Macroeditor
2 uty48    48b     Plusbasic (u)
2 uty50    50a     Big Mac
2 uty50    50a     MWX
2 uty50    50a     Toolkit
2 utysound 41b     Sound Disk I

a2games2.zip (games/new) contains:

3 arcade   119a    Arcade Game Machine
3 ardy     108b    Ardy
3 beachead  77b    Beach Head II
3 blakbelt  99a    Black Belt
3 bouldash  97b    Boulder Dash
3 broadsid  60a    Broadsides
3 carmen1   87a    Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego disk 1
3 carmen2   87b    Where In The World Is Carmen Sandiego disk 2
3 cartells 107b    Cartells And Cutthroats
3 caverncr  93a    Cavern Creatures
3 chivalry  84a    Chivalry
3 conon1    56a    Conon disk 1
3 conon2    56b    Conon disk 2
3 eidolon  106b    The Eidolon
3 elite    130a    Elite
3 epidemic 110b    Epidemic
3 f15eagle 108a    F-15 Strike Eagle
3 flitenit 130b    Flight Night
3 garfield  92a    Create With Garfield
3 garfld1    4b    Garfield
3 gemstone 105b    Gemstone Warrior II
3 gms100-2 100b    Fantoms Forth
3 gms100   100a    Horizon V
3 gms100   100a    Night Crawler
3 gms100   100a    Worm Wall
3 gms79-2   79b    Gobbler
3 gms79-2   79b    Puckman
3 gms79-2   79b    Serpentine
3 gms91     91a    Bug Attack
3 gms91     91a    Night Mission
3 gms91     91a    Pool
3 gms94     94a    Air Cars
3 gms94     94a    Alien Ambush
3 gms94     94a    Alien Rain
3 gms94     94a    Awacs
3 gms97     97a    Miner 2049 Modifier
3 gms97     97a    Tetrat
3 gms97     97a    World War III
3 go        88a    Go
3 gremlins  86a    Gremlins
3 hacker   106a    Hacker
3 hero      85b    H.E.R.O.
3 kingsqst 126a    King's Quest disk 1
3 kingsqt2 126b    King's Quest disk 2
3 kingsqt3 127a    King's Quest disk 3
3 koronis  107a    Koronis Riff
3 matingzn 131b    Mating Zone
3 mine2049 103a    Miner 2049er
3 miner2   103b    Miner II
3 motlamps 109a    Master of the Lamps
3 oldiron  102a    Old Ironsides
3 pengo     70b    Pengo
3 picadely  91b    Pic-A-Delly-Pair
3 plasmani  93b    Plasmania
3 police    78b    Police Games (Police Artist, Police Lineup, Off Duty)
3 rescfrac  81a    Rescue on Fractalus
3 rescridr  81b    Rescue Riders
3 robotwar 131a    Robot War
3 situcrit 119b    Situation Critical
3 snoopy    78a    Snoopy To The rescue
3 soloflig  96b    Solo Flight
3 spaceark  88b    Space Ark
3 spyvssp2  82a    Spy Versus Spy disk 2
3 spyvsspy  82a    Spy Versus Spy disk 1
3 supbunny  79a    Superbunny
3 supertax  77a    Super taxman II
3 suzaxxon  85a    Super Zaxxon
3 track fd 109b    Track Field
3 tripdmp  114b    Triple Dump
3 wayout    94b    Way Out

a2util2.zip (utilities/new) contains:

4 3d-ani   114a    3d Animation
4 applemec  66b    Apple Mechanic
4 applewx1 129a    Apple Works disk 1
4 applewx2 129b    Apple Works disk 2
4 applewxd  22b    Apple Works Demo
4 arcboot   92b    Arcade Boot Champ
4 bagoftrx  52b    Bag Of Tricks
4 buggraph 134b    B.U.G. Binary Utility Graphics
4 chartwx1 125a    Chartworks disk 1
4 chartwx2 125b    Chartworks disk 2
4 copy32    32a    Copy utilities #10
4 copy32    32a    Fast Locksmith Backup 5.0 C
4 copy49    49a    Copy utilities (u)
4 copy5      5b    Back It Up III
4 copy5      5b    Copy II + 4.1 (u)
4 copy5      5b    Nibbles Away II (u)
4 dubtake   51a    Double Take Master
4 efgbasic  23a    Einführung in BASIC (German)
4 einflogo  26b    Einfuehrung in Apple Logo
4 fantavs1  72a    Fantavision
4 fantavsd  72b    Fantavision Demo
4 innern2c  26a    In Innern des //c
4 iqtest1  128a    Intelligence test (German) disk1
4 iqtest1  128a    Intelligence test (German) disk2
4 jane1    117b    Jane Start
4 janeblak 115b    Jane Data (black)
4 janegrey 115a    Jane Program Disk (grey)
4 janered  116a    Jane Hilfsprogramm (red)
4 janeyell 116b    Jane Help (yellow)
4 kyanpas2 135b    Kyan Pascal disk 2
4 kyanpasc 135a    Kyan Pascal disk 1
4 locksm6  127b    Locksmith 6.0
4 mapcopy  183b    Map Disk Copy (u)
4 nibbsoft  70a    Nibblesoftware
4 prshpco  112a    The Print Shop Companion
4 ramdisk   49b    RAM-Disk
4 soft70    54b    Soft 70
4 spassapp  24a    Spass mit Apple
4 take1     54a    Take One
4 tke1tips 113a    Take 1 Tips
4 tke1tool 112b    Take 1 Programmer's Toolkit
4 tpascal1  68a    Turbo Pascal disk 1
4 tpascal2  68b    Turbo Pascal disk 2
4 ucsdpas1  64a    UCSD Pascal disk 1
4 ucsdpas2  64b    UCSD Pascal disk 2
4 ucsdpas3  65a    UCSD Pascal disk 3
4 ucsdpas4  65b    UCSD Pascal disk 4
4 uticity  121b    Utility City
4 util122  122a    Utilities disk 1 
4 util122b 122b    Utilities disk 2
4 visicalc 117a    Visicalc
4 visifdat 118b    Visifile data
4 visifpro 118a    Visifile program
4 vokabel1  52a    Vokabeltraining disk 1
4 vokabel2  52b    Vokabeltraining disk 2

a2ham.zip (ham radio/new) contains:

5 afu      152a    Amateur Radio utilities
5 contstlg 145b    Contest Log Auswertung 206
5 funk1    141a    Funk 1.0 (CW, QTH, Logbuch)
5 funk2    141b    Funk 2.0 (Antennen)
5 funk200  146a    Amateurfunk utilities 200
5 funk201  146b    Amateurfunk utilities 201
5 funk202  147a    Logbuch 202
5 funk203  147b    Logbuch 203
5 funk205  148b    Amateurfunk 205
5 funk3    142a    Funk 3.0 (Parallel und Reihenschaltung, Hoch- und Tiefpass, Filter, Daempfungsglieder)
5 funk4    143a    Funk 4.1
5 funk5    143b    Funk 5.0
5 funk7    144a    Funk 7.0 (DX Propagation)
5 ham1     150a    Ham 1
5 ham2     150b    Ham 2
5 ham21    151a    Ham 3
5 hellrtty 148a    Hell RTTY 204
5 morsen2  153a    Morsen 2.0
5 morsetra  71     Morse Trainer
5 rtty221  149b    RTTY direkt 221
5 sstv     134a    SSTV
5 sstv220  149a    SSTV 220

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