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AOR AR5000 Frequency Measurement

My AR5000 does not give exact frequencies. As an example a 500 MHz signal would appear on 500.002.111 Hz. The best idea would be to connect it with a reference oscillator ("STD-INT" in the CONFIG menu). But if you don't own such equipment there is another solution:

I found out that the reference frequency for the AR5000 is 1 MHz. Here my AR5000 is 100% exact. With every MHz apart the offset to the real frequency increases linearly. If you know at least one exact frequency of a received signal you can determine your offset. Tune your AR5000 to an exactly known UHF TV frequency or an amateur radio beacon for example (the higher the better), set the mode to LSB or USB and find the frequency with the lowest vibration of less than 1 Hz (you can feel that). Given the example above of 500 MHz:

The frequency is 500 - 1 MHz apart = 499 MHz

The offset per MHz is 2111 Hz / 499 MHz = 4.23046 Hz/MHz

fshown = freal + (freal - 1 MHz) * 4.23046

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