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Freeware for the Radix Epsilon 3 CI Advanced digital satellite receiver

Version 1.06 (bugfix uploaded 16.12.2006)

Transfer software

If your transfer user.drc to your Epsilon 3CI-advanced, your programmes favourite list will be overwritten. You need TPE 3CI transfer software. This utillity manages programme list uploads and downloads to the 3ci@. It used to be available at
Your 3ci@ must be connected via a Null-Modem-Cable to a COM-port of your PC.


It only works with the 3ci advanced, not with the 3ci!! The software is pre-set for most European satellites. It works with DiSEqC 1.2., but won't support DiSEqC 1.0. automatically. In other regions frequencies will be uploaded, but not the satellite settings.

Download Prepared Programme List

The file user.drc contains a list updated from time to time with most satellites from 7W to 60E degrees (approx. 2980 TV/radio-programmes, mostly FTA, 3000 would be the limit). Last update: Dec 10th, 2006. Printable programme lists: Audio.txt and Video.txt.

Import lists in SDX format

With the tool SDX3CI (Vers 1.06) you can import Satco DX programme lists (sdx file format) into the Radix Epsilon 3ci Advanced satellite receiver (does not work with the Radix 3 CI receiver without the "advanced" in the name). SATCO-DX supplies customizable programme lists through the internet in this format. So you won't have to search for all the new channels that come and go anymore. Simply load it up to your receiver with this freeware tool.

How to get a sdx list

First possibility: get a TELE Satellite magazine with the World Of Satellites software. It automizes the process and calculates which programmes you can theoretically receive with your dish size at your position. Unfortunalety the data download licence expires after a couple of months. If you use the software you will have to buy the magazine with the updated software again and again.

Second possibility: download free sdx files from If you receive more than one satellite you must and merge the SDX files into one single file: use a text editor or write them into one directory and use the MS-DOS command 'COPY *.SDX C:\SATCO.SDX'.



the receiver's favourite lists must be rearranged and might possiblby not won't work anymore. They screen once froze when switching to the favourite lists (first aid: electric plug-off, plug-in, and the receiver works again). No guarantee that anything works at all. Use it at your own risk. I'm not responsible for any damage. However, as long as you only use the transponder download and not the reinstallation download (which won't be activated until you choose the receiver's menu option Reinstallation and enter the PIN), I don't really expect trouble. You can always load your backup 3ci.drc back into the 3ci@. This will probably enable the favourite lists usage again. Another bug are the satellite names. I don't know how to update them - they're part of the firmware. So don't get confused if it looks like a channel is attached to "Kopernikus" which doesn't exist no more or other satellites. The programme names end up with the position - this helps for orientation ("ARD___19","BBC1 England__28)). The DiseqC motor will receive the right commands. Once you've found and saved new every position, it should always turn there again.

How to load the lists into the 3ci@

Good luck!

PLI3ci - Programme List This utillity helps to print out the programme lists of the Radix 3ci@. Store your list as c:\user.drc". PLI3CI will produce two text files called "audio.txt" and "video.txt", which you can print out with any word processing software.

All software (c) by Peer-Axel Kroeske. Compiled with FreePascal. Freeware and ready to run at any PC with DOS support.

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