a site for DX enthusiasts, radio and music freaks by Peer-Axel Kroeske (DL2LBP)

FM/MW/SW/TV frequency lists and maps for any place calculated individually and based on the world's most comprehensive broadcast databases FMLIST / MWLIST

Perseus Perseus
is a software defined receiver (a box for medium and short wave reception to connect with a PC). I've coded a PHP kit for extended userlists and offset measurement.

AOR5000 The AOR AR5000
is a radio scanner covering frequencies up to 2.4 GHz. Here you find info about calibration, IF output and RS232 control.

Satellite DX Satellite DX
TBS5925, Dreambox, transponder map, music stations, Radix 3CI@

Offsets Offset and Carrier DX
driving the reception of weak signals to the limit. MW offsets, TV scatters, airplane dopplers. You can detect 50 and more signal spurs on one MW frequency at once. Permanent meteor reception of TV carriers from 1000-2000 km around 50 MHz. FM deviations, MPX-DX.

music Music some recent recordings and my former bands
Top 5000
My all time favourite songs. An approach to rank my music library.

more DX related:

Radio Stream Directory a radio player for the browser (in development)
Caroline & Big L the return of the old pirate stations: long interviews with Peter Moore (Radio Caroline) and Ray Anderson (Big L) from 2005
Mediumwave.de a basic list for Central Europe
DX blog
radio variety counting the number of individual FM stations in big cities worldwide
Testcards most of them taken from internal satellite feeds in 1997.
Test reports Roberts 202 Wifi Radio, Archos AV140 (ancient MP3 player), ...
Media Links to newspapers, radio, MP3, realaudio, music, media news...
DX Links about the reception of distant radio stations
Neue Sender in den 80ern Mitschnitte von UKW-Testsendungen und neuen Stationen 1986-89 (German)

Station portraits

Madeira notes about the radio scene on the island from 2003 (written in German)
Luang Prabang Radio Station A visit to this regional station in Laos in 2003 (also in German)
Förde Fetz Radio The history of the local Flensburg rock radio programmme 1990-96 (again in German)

computing Computing
Software development blog solutions for COM port access, HWND scanning (windows handles) and screenshots, and some more
Tools converter between DOS and Windows text and to HTML, 8 channel sound oscillator, HTML reader for MSDOS (only 2 KByte), helpful additional MSDOS commands
Viel T - wenig Online (in German) an essay about the bad internet connections back in 1995.
Tech Notes a small blog-like collection of PC and radio problems and solutions.

photo Photos
Flensburg Walk The town where I work now, close to my home. Navigate from crossroads to crossroads (my own idea long before Google's streetview). 500 photos from 2003.
Flensburg Impressions additional photos, special perspectives
Central America 2001 A backpacker journey from Mexico to Panama in 4 weeks.

Deutsche Seiten:
Augentraining Tool zum Üben mit Kindern, die Probleme haben, zu fokussieren
Ferienhäuser in Dänemark eine Übersicht mehrerer Anbieter
ein kleiner satirischer Beitrag über das Leistungsschutzrecht
CO2-Lagerung im Norden Schleswig-Holsteins eine Chronologie des abgesagten Projektes und der Proteste dagegen (chronology about the CCS attempts in North Germany) 2009-2011

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